Vaginal orgasm: what is it? Tips for having more orgasms of this type

Did you know that there is a spot in a woman’s vagina that can drive her crazy? That’s right. The famous G-spot when correctly stimulated makes women feel the rare, but not impossible, vaginal orgasm. How about experiencing that sensation?

The paternalistic culture unfortunately caused women to move farther and farther from their own bodies, completely ignoring their pleasure zones.

Talking about sex with women is still a taboo that needs to be broken as quickly as possible, after all feeling orgasm is normal and means supreme boostr male enhancement that you have reached your highest degree of pleasure.

It may seem absurd, but many women worldwide have never had any kind of orgasm.

To demystify these learnings in relation to the female body is hard work, but not impossible. So if you are a woman and you want to know more about vaginal orgasm, settle in and enjoy this reading that will be pleasurable and above all very informative.

Your sex nights will not be the same.

Understand what vaginal orgasm is

Before you thoroughly understand what vaginal orgasm is and how it happens you must understand that the brain plays a much more important role in this whole process than the vagina itself.

That’s what you read!

Erection begins in the brain and turns into excitement. Do you know those hot thoughts you have? Or even that delectable fantasy that you would like to accomplish, then, they are very important to the peak of your pleasure.

The nomenclature of vaginal orgasm came about thanks to Sigmund Freud who in a totally macho way refused to believe that the woman could have an orgasm just touching her clitoris.

Because of the time it was invented that the mature woman should feel only the orgasm coming from the penetration. Immature women had clitoral orgasms!

This information is completely absurd to read today!

According to surveys, only 25% of women reach orgasm with penetration. That number is too low do you agree? So do not despair if you’ve never felt this kind of orgasm.

There are still many taboos about women’s sex lives. The clitoris was portrayed in the main anatomical atlases only recently, that is, the patriarchal education made this glans completely hidden.

The clitoris is not just that little button you tighten for the purpose of orgasm. It is just the tip of an iceberg in a completely new and unfamiliar territory.

What is the clitoris?

supreme boostr website It may sound like a joke, but the female sexual organ has never been portrayed correctly. After decades of the feminine sexual revolution he has gained a well-deserved notoriety and has been portrayed in every possible way.

The word clitoris comes from the Greek kleitoris, whose meaning is small hill. This very important organ for female pleasure until recently was not even mentioned in medical books, as it was believed that it did not play a very important role in the body.

The clitoris is an organ that measures approximately 9 to 11 centimeters and whose main function is to provide pleasure. It is made up of bulb, crura, body and glans.

At the moment of arousal and pleasure, the clitoris becomes stiff and when touched the woman can instantly achieve clitoral orgasm.

What are the types of vaginal orgasm?

The vaginal orgasm can be divided into 3 types. Each type provides a lot of pleasure for women.

Remember, do not despair if you have not felt any of them. It’s never too late to practice!

1 – Orgasm felt by the stimulus of Point G

This orgasm is one of the most difficult to be felt by women, mainly because it happens only with penetration.

In fact, most women do not feel any pleasure with penetration.

It’s hard to read, but it’s true!

The famous and hidden G-spot is located inside the vagina, is a spongy body that measures about 1.5 inches.

Some experts doubt the existence of this place, it’s hard to try, you’re lucky and think!

2 – Orgasm felt by the clitoral stimulus

This is undoubtedly the orgasm most felt by women. As you can see, the clitoris is a very important organ for female pleasure and when stimulated, it makes women reach orgasm.

In this type of orgasm neither penetration is necessary. supreme booster male enhancer The woman can hit him alone with a simple masturbation.

A hot tip for you to experience the feelings of this orgasm is to ask your partner to have oral sex on you.

3 – Orgasm of the cervix or cervical

This type of orgasm is very rare, also known as cervical orgasm or C-spot orgasm, few women have ever experienced their sensations.

Anyone who has experienced this orgasm reports that the most felt sensations were those below the region of the lower belly and that reflected to the whole body.

This orgasm is only possible thanks to the touch made in the cervix. At some times of the year this region becomes more sensitive and orgasm can be felt more easily.

It’s hard to hear someone say they’ve had this kind of orgasm because they are very rare.

There are some positions that make it easier to hit.

Positions in which the woman stands on top of the man or woman allows for a deeper penetration and this causes the penis or the object penetrated to the back of the uterus.

For you to understand better, the cervix is ‚Äč‚Äčlike a donut, it has a spongy texture, it is impossible to penetrate it, but when you touch it the woman can feel inexplicable sensations.

Why do not women have vaginal orgasm?

If you have doubts whether or not you had an orgasm, most likely you did not.

Do not worry, you’re not the only one!

Many women have never felt an orgasm and the reports are varied and surprising.

Some report that they experience pain, discomfort and even dissatisfaction with their own bodies over their partners and partners.

The phenomenon of female anorgasmia consists of the woman’s difficulty in feeling an orgasm. If this is the case, seek help from a specialist. Feeling sexual pleasure is a way to stay healthy, do not be afraid!

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